Resurrection reinventing and changing



I love to paint mystical landscapes and spiritual illuminations. I wish to share my experiences and how we understand the physical and the spiritual world. I have been on my art journey for many years. Employing the natural world as a basis for my art, I create a visual story that can lead the viewer to a different plain, a better feeling, or a spiritual connection. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flowers trees, forest and landscapes may enter onto the canvas to reveal our inner connection to the divine through nature. Saint Francis believed that God existed in everything. God is pure love and I create to reveal that love through my art.

I have been a Third Order Franciscan for about eight years. Third order is of a secular nature. We live in the secular world in everyday lives and our purpose to reveal God’s love. On this Franciscan journey I have found myself connecting to and making art with a new vision. This has given my art more purpose, more meaning. What God is calling me to do. To help people be happier, to understand and enjoy life through my art.

You are invited along on this journey within this creative tapestry - to show you the woven threads of life and how they are woven together from the many different experiences. I hope to connect you to your spiritual life using the Spiritual Illuminations & Mystical Revelations imagery and to reveal the many layers of our existence and how we perceive our world.

I tell a story with these images to connect you to your heart’s journey. This becomes a divine journey and my art is a tapestry, weaving those symbols to bring you to realize those spiritual realms within your heart. This art is a vehicle that can help you fit some of life’s puzzle pieces together. I bring my creative gift and journey to you. Allow my art to share the moment with you, to look, to see and to reveal the tapestry of your life and to help unfold into the journey of your heart.

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